Century City Airconditioning & Projects

Century City Airconditioning & Projects

Our offices are located near to Century City in the industrial area of Montague Gardens. We’re able to offer efficient and speedy service to business parks situated throughout Century City and have many satisfied clients in the area. Our technical workshop is cutting edge and we ensure our staff members are well trained. The Management style we find that works best is making our client the number one priority.

Our credibility in the Air conditioning industry means we’re able to offer our clients competitive prices on new units and services. We find that using top of the range international brands means our clients get the best value for their money.

Our focus revolves around saving money for the client on energy bills and conserving the environment. We are suppliers of new generation Air Conditioning products with R410 refrigerant gases that have “intelligent” DC inverter compressors.

W&L Air Conditioning is well known amongst some of South Africa’s top Architects, Property Developers, Mechanical Engineers, Landlords, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers, Construction Companies and Project Managers.

We’ve worked with a number of developers on a huge variety of projects and we’re proud to say that many of these developers still contract us to service the installations.
Although we’ve worked in different suburbs throughout Cape Town installing and servicing air conditioning units, we’ve had a number of large contracts with many prominent clients in the Century City area.

In recent years, we’ve been involved with installing Consoles, Ceiling Cassettes and Cassette AC systems in Century City’s Central Park. We were also involved in the installation of Consoles, Ceiling Cassettes & ducted AC systems in Century City’s Knowledge Park. Another one of our large Century City projects involved the installation of Console, Ceiling Cassettes & ducted AC systems in blocks A, B, C, D and E of Century Falls.

These projects were worth more than R2.1 million, R4 million and R3.1 million respectively.

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